What are the benefits of the Betashare’s DHHF ETF?

Australia has been quite deserted when it comes to low cost growth ETF options. Typically one of the most coveted options was the Vanguard High Growth ETF. In recent times Betashares announced a change in how the all-one-growth ETF works.

This ETF allows you to gain exposure to US, Australia and other markets in many different industries for companies that are considered high growth. This could make up a core of your portfolio and with a low management expense ratio (MER) of just 0.19% PA


Quick Rundown:

Management Expense Ratio (MER): 0.19% PA
Share Registry: Link Market Services (This is where you update your information for distributions and taxation. Sometimes you may need to fill our a W8-BEN form for US domiciled ETFs)
Distribution Frequency: Quarterly (This is how often you will get paid from the ETF. Some ETFs will reinvest your distribution back into the ETF to compound your wealth)
ETF Size: Between $50-150 million

Pros ✅Cons ❌
Lowest fee for an ASX listed all-in-one ETF (0.19%)May not suit a more conservative investor
Tracks high growth shares in multiple countriesBeing US domiciled creates a slight tax drag
Automatically reinvests distributionsRelatively new to the ETF space so yet to gain major popularity. (This may impact the spreads, or cost to buy and sell the ETF)


Some of the industries and countries this ETF can give you exposure to are detailed in the pie charts below:

DHHF ETF breakdown of industries and countries.


Information in this post was accurate as of August 2021. Feel free to get in contact with us for corrections.

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